Mark Lorenzana

There Are Problems, and There Are Problems

Yes, perhaps COVID-19 is the #1 problem (looking at you, PDutz. LOL) that we have right now, but there are also quite a few problems out there that are of equal weight. Off the top of my head: 1. White people denying that white privilege exists. 2. Misogynists who promote the idiocy of “men’s rights.” […]

Throwback: On the Grab, Uber, and LTFRB Controversy

Three years ago there was a controversy between the two main ride-hailing services in the Philippines—Grab and Uber—and the Philippines’ Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB). You can read all about it here. So in response, I wrote this: [tl;dr] This Uber/Grab brouhaha has at least successfully put a spotlight on the big problem […]


Just for kicks, I decided to dig up my previous Facebook posts many, many years ago criticizing the Noynoy Aquino administration, and I have to admit that a lot them were so vicious, I’m wondering now if I posted them while I was under the influence of bathtub gin (not an impossibility). There were quite […]

May Araw Din Kayo

Kung makaingon mo ug “mirisi” noh, lagot kaayo mo sa ABS-CBN noh? Bahala na ug 11,000 ang mawad-an ug trabaho? Pero wala mo naglagot nga sa tanan gi-saad ni Duterte kay ang pagpanirado ra sa ABS-CBN ang iyang natuman? Hain naman tong zero drugs and zero criminality after 6 months? No more corruption? No more […]


When a reporter goes out to look for news, he or she isn’t going to say, “Okay, let’s ONLY look for GOOD news today, we don’t want to put the country and the president in a bad light.” When cops molest a 15-year-old girl and eventually kill her, it gets reported because it’s news. When […]


Of course the bigger problem here, obviously, is the desire to whiten one’s skin and not the simple renaming of a product. All these personal-care companies–like those pharmaceutical companies that produce glutathione pills–are, after all, just supplying a demand. That demand, by the way, of wanting to get rid of one’s brownness, which many Filipinos […]

Flashback Friday: Guatemala Part 1

I was more than halfway done with my first Guatemalan beer (I’m particular about beer brands, but the brand of that particular beer eludes me, perhaps because of the traumatic border-crossing experience I was subjected to before I reached Guatemala, but that’s another story) when a white car pulled up in front of the restaurant–Jade, […]

A Modest Proposal

Cops in the United States are becoming frustrated that they’re increasingly being policed (pun definitely intended) for their past–and present–abuses and violence against black citizens. Majority of these frustrated cops are, of course, whites who have a racist bent. They are the types who don’t mind bringing a Confederate flag to a Nascar race or […]

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