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A Modest Proposal

Mark Lorenzana

Cops in the United States are becoming frustrated that they’re increasingly being policed (pun definitely intended) for their past–and present–abuses and violence against black citizens.

Majority of these frustrated cops are, of course, whites who have a racist bent. They are the types who don’t mind bringing a Confederate flag to a Nascar race or those who are up in arms (literally) at the dismantling of Confederate statues, which Donald Trump calls “beautiful.”

Well, who says that these white racist cops have the right and privilege TO BE cops just because they are white? Who says they can’t become garbage collectors or caregivers or janitors? (Not that I’m looking down on these jobs; I’m not.)

You want to reduce violence against blacks caused by systemic racism in the US? Prohibit whites from entering the police force. LOL. Problem solved.

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