Mark Lorenzana

Filipino Soap Opera Writers Earn a Lot while Producing Dreck But Can’t Take Criticism. LOL

Mark Lorenzana

I’ve been following this drama (pun intended) for several days now. This soap opera writer (who is also a DDS, by the way, but that’s another story) took exception to a comic strip by Pol Medina Jr. criticizing her past work (“puro sabunutan at sampalan”) and what it might mean that she was chosen as head writer to helm GMA’s live-action adaptation of Voltes V. She has since been criticized by two other cartoonists as well: Beerkada’s Lyndon Gregorio and Kevin Eric Raymundo, aka Tarantadong Kalbo.

Her argument: “Sobrang maligned talaga ang soap opera at writers ng soap, satire man o nandadaot ang cartoons. Iba talaga kapag sumipa ang ignorance, misogyny (‘babae ka, lakaki lang ang kayang magsulat ng Mecha kasi sabunutan lang ang alam mo’ context pero syempre ito ay idedeny na naman) at arrogance lalo’t walang alam sa power ng soap opera bilang isang effective medium, para maabot ang masa.”

Several things:

  1. There’s no misogyny here. You are a crappy writer, period. It doesn’t have anything to do with you being a woman.
  2. You’re talking about soap operas being an effective medium to reach the masa? You mean the same masa that you don’t respect enough while writing your scripts, which is why you keep offering them the same dreck day in and day out because they don’t have a choice? The same masa that has helped make millionaires out of GMA 7 executives who don’t care that they’re churning out mindless “entertainment” as long as viewers buy the laundry soap and instant noodles and instant coffee and canned goods that are advertised during commercial breaks?
  3. You won’t get any sympathy from writers who actually bust their asses to provide great content but have always been grossly underpaid (mostly SEO writers and copywriters, technical writers, website writers, news writers, etc.). And guess why you haven’t gotten any sympathy as well from those komikeros out there who are also, yes, grossly underpaid? (Tarantadong Kalbo doesn’t even work for a newspaper like Gregorio and PM Jr.; he’s a Facebook cartoonist who sells merch online to earn a bit of money.)

Let’s call a spade a spade, shall we? Soap opera writers in this country get handsomely paid for mailing in their work and get away with the shit they produce. They claim to have the masa at heart, but we really know that that’s bullshit.

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